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Big K BBQ Lumpwood Charcoal 5kg – £7.99

Preparation and Usage.

How Much Charcoal to Use:

Normal Grilling
Cover the cooking area of your BBQ to an approximate 2″ depth of Big K Charcoal.

Spit Roasting
You will need more Charcoal than for grilling because of extended cooking time.
Remember, it is always better to have too much than too little Charcoal. (Big K Charcoal Products do not ‘go off’ if kept dry)

The bigger the BBQ Grill the bigger the bag of Big K Charcoal required.

Barbecue Cooking is Easy, Fun and Safe as long as common sense is used!

To Light
Place several Big K Charcoal Lighter Cubes on a bed of Big K Charcoal.  Heap more Charcoal over and around the Lighter Cubes.  Light the Cubes with a long taper or match, wait for the flames to die down and for the Charcoal to take on a greyish appearance – about 20-25 mins. Start to cook.

Alternatively, heap Charcoal onto BBQ grate and spread out over cooking area.  Using Big K Lighting Fluid, squeeze approx half a cup over the Charcoal. Allow to soak for 1 min. before lighting.  Light the Charcoal and wait as described above.
Remember, cook over heat! not over flames.

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